How to do Kitchen Cleaning Right

Kitchen cleaning must be done right if you want to ensure the health of your family. The best way to go about kitchen cleaning is to make a plan and follow it to a tee. You have to do how the professionals do it to get the results that you want.  


If you don’t have any idea as to how and where to start, the tips below can serve as your guide. Boulder kitchen cleaning experts are always around to help you in making sure that your kitchen is the healthiest part of your home.  

  1. Start with the counters. 

Clear your kitchen counter of all unnecessary things. Remove things that don’t belong to it, such as cookbooks, mails, newspapers, medicine, or anything else. Put them away so it’s easier for you to clean the surface. Without the clutter, your kitchen looks more organized.  

  1. Use the sink for cleaning. 

Your sink can be used to clean all things in your home that need to be soaked in soapy water. Some of the things that you need to wash are dish rack, crisper drawer, and microwave turntable. Anything that as gathered a lot of dust should be cleaned as well.  

  1. Clear out the fridge. 

Your fridge can also be cluttered so you have to make sure that it’s clean when cleaning. Remove all food items that are expired, including food containers that are in need of cleaning. Start wiping the top of the fridge going to the bottom.  

  1. Clean allthecabinets.  

Your kitchen cabinets need thorough cleaning as well. You want to remove all dust, dirt, or debris from the cabinet and knock them onto the floor for sweeping later. It’s best to use a telescopic duster for those hard-to-reach areas. Be sure to use the right type of clear for your cabinets. Wood cabinets are cleaned differently than steel cabinets.  

  1. Clean all kitchen appliances. 

All kitchen appliances in your home have to be cleaned, including the ones that you are not using regularly. Start with the microwave. Use dry cloth to wipe it from the inside and out. As for the stovetop, use an all-purpose cleaner for that. If there are stubborn stains, use a powder scrub so you can remove it without scratching the surface. Do the same with the dishwasher and coffeemaker.  

  1. Scrub the countertops. 

Once you’re almost done cleaning all other parts of the kitchen, it should be okay to clean the countertop. Clean the countertop using small and circular motions. You may also use a surface cleaner that’s apt to the type of countertop you have at home.  

  1. Vacuum the floor. 

After cleaning the countertop, you should be almost done. You’re now ready to mop and vacuum the floor. There are special types of cleaners for kitchen floors, like an electrostatic duster. This will get rid of all the dirt, debris, dust, and crumbs that could be lying on your floor.  

  1. Empty the trash. 

The last step to a sparkling clean kitchen is emptying all the trash. Throw them outside and make them ready for disposal.